Introduction to Foiling - Q & A - 16 August 2017

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The feeling of flying over the water is something I never thought I would experience windsurfing. Instead of pure aggression and raw power, foiling creates a sense of limitless speed whilst also being very relaxing yet offering your daily fix of adrenaline.

The easiest way to explain the pure joy I get when foiling is like the first time I ever got a gybe, landed a 360 wake boarding or did my first ever 20m waterfall jump. The only difference is every session I have foiling I get that enjoyment and is emphasised by my involvement in building my own board which is proving to have some really awesome results! I have some really rad support and the board is shaping into something very unique. Stay tuned!



Introduction to Foiling - Q & A

Takapuna Grammar Rowing Club - Bayswater Marina 
August 16 

If you're after a catch up with friends or you want to learn about how foiling is evolving the water sports industry I highly recommend coming to my talk on August 16. 
Below is a quick summary of what I will be discussing


  • Does one foil do all sports? surf? windsurf? kite? SUP?
  • The difference in foils - What to look for
  • Do you need a foil board?
  • What sails are best?
  • How do I get into foiling?
  • Quick simple tips
  • Questions


For those wanting to try foiling I will hopefully have some demo foils to try and for experienced foilers I will have the latest Goya prototype to try also. Contact me directly if you are wanting to try foiling.

Entry will be $15 and you will receive nibbles and drinks so come along and be apart of a fun night. Don't forget to checkout grabaseat for cheap flights (currently $20-35 depending where you're flying from!!)



Spread the word about this event and give it a share on facebook. I will have a few different foils on show alongside a few different boards to explain what to look for ensuring you make the best purchase for what you need.



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