Waterbourne 2018


From the luscious green hills to the wild Wellington wind, Waterbourne offered a range of conditions ensuring all athletes from paddle boarders to windsurfers got to enjoy the weekend. Thanks to the amazing support of NZ Boardstore, Starboard New Zealand and Fergs Kayaks we had a fleet of paddleboards supplied on the beach ensuring all competitors could play regardless of the weather.

Event Summary

  • Friday, March 30th - 200m Paddle board sprints & Paddle for Hope
  • Saturday, March 31st - Ocean Clash, Kite Big Air Nationals, Slalom Racing & Beach Party
  • Sunday, April 1st - Paddle board racing & Slalom Windsurfing

Key Facts

  • 105 entrants
  • 4,000+ spectators

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Day 1

With blue skys and no wind forecast, we took the opportunity to run the 200m sprints followed by the Paddle for Hope (PFH).

200m Sprints
The morning started with 200m sprints where professional Trevor Tunnington stole the show. With an impressive opening sprint he decided to also do foil sprint. I can honestly say it was insane, and made the beach come alive! Checkout the live video footage from the event to see him in action.

Paddle for Hope
Thanks to Starboard NZ and Fergs Kayaks we had a range of Starboard and RedPaddle Co boards to everyone to use meaning all competitors could take part.

With over 80 PFH entrants, the beach was full of atmosphere, local politicians joined in with the fun opening the PFH with a political race...



Day 2

With what was a dream forecast, athletes were very excited to get down to the water and enjoy the freshening breeze. Everyone was expecting a busy day, awaiting the much anticipated Ocean Clash (Kite v SUP v Windsurf).

Ocean Clash
With a forecast of 22-32knots, we were expecting to see a challenging fun race around Somes Island. The race kicked off perfectly where the paddle boarders launched and the remaining kitesurfers and windsurfers would start 35minutes later.


True to style, as the kitesurfers and windsurfers started the wind multiplied. With a building breeze the wind quickly increased to 54knots meaning our safety team had to put in action what was organised.

Although it was not the way I wanted the race to start, I am proud of my safety team. The public contacted the police which lead to chaos on the media front as they were notified of "100people missing in Wellington harbour" which was in no way correct. Our safety team had control of the situation and managed the unexpected wind increase very well. I cant express how grateful I am of the support of the Coast Guard, Westpac Helicopter and the Police where their additional support helped ease publics concerns helping with the final checks of the harbour.

A huge congratulations to Trevor Tunnington who won the Ocean Clash on the foil. Legend.



Big Air Nationals & Slalom Windsurfing

After what was quite simply a very busy and stressful morning it was time to regroup and get into the big air nationals. The windsurfers were on standby as weather conditions would not allow us to get safety boats on the water meaning we would wait until conditions were suitable.

Like always the kitesurfers put on a show for the spectators where Marc Jacobs showed why he was Vice World Champion! Make sure you checkout the event video to see all the kitesurfing action.



Once the kitesurfers were almost finished their elimination the sea conditions began to ease meaning boats could be launched (at around 5pm) for the slalom racing. I take full responsibility for how this was run and unfortunately no racing was completed due to issues with the course and drifting marks meaning we would wait until Sunday to complete the slalom racing.



Day 3

With what was a day for anything we started the morning with a paddle board race around Ward Island. It was great to see so many people out enjoying the beautiful weather and ready for anything.

Foil Racing
With a gentle sea breeze, it enabled the kite foilers and wind foilers to get out on the water. The spectators loved the show and it was great to see the sand dunes full of people enjoying the show.



Slalom Racing
The beach turned to chaos as the wind began to build. At 3.30pm the wind had increased to allow us to try and run some slalom racing. The wind was on the limit but we wanted to ensure a result.

Racing kicked off and we completed the first two rounds. Unfortunately the wind became less stable and we were now very close to the the scheduled prizegiving. With one final attempt to finish the final race we got to the final heat... With gusty winds around 12knots event leader Jack Holliday could not complete the course in the final race meaning there would be no overal result for the slalom windsurfing.

Moving forward
I would like to thank Murray Brown and the Muritai Yacht club for their amazing support on race day. Due to my Race officer pulling out three weeks before the event Murray did a great job on Sunday to do a role he has never done before. I am excited to have Murray Brown onboard for 2019.




I would like to make one final thank you to all the key sponsors who helped make Waterbourne happen. A special thank you to Bruce Spedding who was a rock and was invaluable in making Waterbourne happen.

I would also like to thank the industry sponsors who supported the event and saw the value this event offers to windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding.

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What's next (for Laurence)?

After having a long think about my plans for 2018 I have decided to have a year in the Pacific. I have accepted a role at one of the biggest multi national digital marketing companies 'ReachLocal' which is very exciting.

ReachLocal is very supportive of my goals and passions. I am hoping to compete in the Tahiti Freeride Cup in July but will let you know more about this in a month.


Rebecca Moore :

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